Dr Niklas Myhr at City of Cypress

With City of Cypress Mayor Pro Tem Douglas Bailey and Mayor Prakash Narain, MD

Niklas Myhr, Ph.D., The Social Media Professor, is an established international speaker who teaches Social Media, Digital & Global Marketing at California-based Chapman University. Dr. Myhr has experience delivering customized keynote presentations, seminars, and workshops on three different continents to a variety of audiences including board members, senior-level executives, chief marketing officers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, creative agencies, city governments, school boards, MBA alumni groups, and university advisory board members.

Organizations spoken to

Presentations have been made to organizations such as City of Cypress, City of Anaheim, Rotary of Irvine, Maxim Integrated, Commerce National Bank, Swedish Web Days ("Webbdagarna"), Swedish National Innovation Agency (VINNOVA), Aalto University Executive Education, Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education, US Embassy in Czech Republic, Ericsson, Creative Summit in Skellefteå, Orange County Schools Boards Association (OCSBA), Swedish Women's Educational Association of Orange County (SWEA), City of Piteå, Luleå University of Technology, Taiwan Executive MBA Program, and The Swedish Academy of Board Directors. Contact me for more information!


Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • International Business
  • How Marketing has changed more in the past 5 years than in the past 50
  • Global Social Media Trends
  • B2B Social Media Marketing
  • Global Growth in a Digital Age
  • Open Innovation and Social Media Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Building a Digital Platform for Career and Entrepreneurial Success

How you can book me

Please contact me regarding your event using my simple contact form and my goal is to make the experience of working with me as smooth as possible.

What to expect

When you book me for your event, I will make sure to learn more about your theme and your audience to ensure the delivery of a customized and professional presentation that is both educational, engaging, and entertaining. I often rank among the best speakers at multi-speaker events and at the 2013 Swedish Web Days ("Webbdagarna"), I was rated number 1 out of 75 speakers.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You did a marvelous job at our Thursday evening presentation. I am wondering if you missed your true calling and really should be the President of Sweden instead of a university professor! I have been in this business for many years and have hosted and been to many presentations and yours was truly the best one I have attended."

- Mark Simmons, President & CEO, Commerce National Bank, Newport Beach, California

"Niklas Myhr is the best social media professor to ever walk the planet!"

- @PantherHub on Twitter

Magnus Höij

Magnus Höij

"Niklas Myhr is one of the really top speakers on social media and the digital transformation in business and society that we have in Sweden. He is very receptive to the needs that the audience has and he also has a great presence on stage so I really recommend Niklas to any conference that would like to dig into the digital opportunities even more."
- Magnus Höij, Editor-in-Chief, Internetworld and Host of Swedish Web Days ("Webbdagarna")