"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You did a marvelous job at our Thursday evening presentation. I am wondering if you missed your true calling and really should be the President of Sweden instead of a university professor! I have been in this business for many years and have hosted and been to many presentations and yours was truly the best one I have attended."
- Mark Simmons, President & CEO, Commerce National Bank, Newport Beach, California

"Niklas Myhr is the best social media professor to ever walk the planet!"
- @PantherHub on Twitter

Magnus Höij

Magnus Höij

"Niklas Myhr is one of the really top speakers on social media and the digital transformation in business and society that we have in Sweden. He is very receptive to the needs that the audience has and he also has a great presence on stage so I really recommend Niklas to any conference that would like to dig into the digital opportunities even more."
- Magnus Höij, Editor-in-Chief, Internetworld and Host of Swedish Web Days ("Webbdagarna")

"Professor Myhr teaches a very helpful course for the real world. The guest speakers that he invites not only aid his students with good insight but also provide networking opportunities. I highly recommend his classes for all business majors, especially marketing."
- Anonymous Spring 2014 student, Chapman University

"I took an Internet Marketing course for fun during my last semester at Chapman University. Fortunately, Niklas Myhr was my professor. I wasn't fond of social media and truly didn't see the value in it until Professor Myhr. Not only did he bring intensity and passion to his lectures, but he went the extra mile to provide us with an incredible variety of guest speakers. He stands out as one of my absolute favorite professors for three specific reasons. First, he actually taught me the value of internet and social media marketing and encouraged me to experiment with it. That push is what brought me to the full-time position I'm currently in. Second, Niklas Myhr encouraged creativity and found value in all students' ideas. He enjoys variety and has an appreciation for his students, which is an incredibly valuable trait. Third, he provided a wide variety of materials, continued to recommend books and materials from industry thought leaders and he offered his students objective viewpoints that allowed us to form our own opinions and find our niches in marketing. Thanks to Niklas Myhr, I have a new found passion for marketing and am pursuing it, using my knowledge from his course, in my career. I would highly recommend his Internet Marketing course to anyone, even if they aren't planning to pursue a career in marketing. Niklas' course isn't simply about professional marketing. It also lays a hefty foundation in personal marketing, which is becoming increasingly important."
- Kaitlyn Luxton, Spring 2014 student, Chapman University

"Myhr is the man. I have taken both Internet and International Marketing with him and he is so passionate. One of the best professors I have taken at Chapman. He cares a lot not only about his students doing well but also engaging in the content. Brings extremely interesting and relevant guest speakers to class."
- Anonymous Spring 2014 student, Chapman University

"Professor Myhr has such a passion for marketing that you can feel when you are in his class. I had the pleasure have taking Internet Marketing and International Marketing with Myhr, and enjoyed both classes! His class is very engaging and he always has the most insightful guest speakers. I highly recommend taking a course with him!"
- Anonymous Fall 2013 student, Chapman University

"I had the pleasure of taking two courses with Professor Myhr during my time at Chapman. My first was International marketing (2012), a course which Niklas brought a unique perspective to having international experience himself. After taking the course and loving it, I decided to enroll in his Internet Marketing class (2013) for the following year. Internet marketing is where Professor Myhr's expertise shined. It is rare to have a professor with so much passion and first hand experience in a subject, but this is what Niklas brought to class each and every day. The class was so timely and relevant and one of my favorites of the semester. In addition to his teaching positions at Chapman, Professor Myhr is a true advocate for the university and works to promote the university wherever he can. He opened the door to so many neat opportunities for students (from volunteering at networking events in the area, to securing jobs for students in the industry. I am so thankful to have been a student of Niklas and look forward to staying in touch with him for years to come"
- Hillary Foss, Spring 2013 student, Chapman University

"Niklas is an Internet Marketing guru! And just in case you're not convinced by him, he brings in a ton of people with relevant experience to speak to the class about how social media has hurdled them into success! Great class, especially for the last semester--super relevant knowledge."
- Anonymous Spring 2012 student, Chapman University

"Hands down one of the most engaging and knowledgeable professors at Chapman. Makes every class interesting and brings in relevant guest lecturers. I would definitely recommend taking his courses if given the opportunity!"
- Anonymous Spring 2012 student, Chapman University

"Fabulous professor, highly recommended, cares about his students and is very knowledgeable in many areas of marketing. Overall, one of my favorite professors at Chapman."
- Anonymous Spring 2012 student, Chapman University

"Dr. Myhr's class was one of the best at Chapman! I was not really interested in marketing (more into finance and economics) until I attended his class for the first time. Lectures cover critical topics for any business major, and the use of technology to bring in real world examples makes the topics stick. Take this class if you want to succeed!"
- Anonymous Fall 2011 student, Chapman University

"One class was not enough for me- I had the honor of enrolling in two of Dr. Myhr's courses at Chapman University. After spending a semester abroad, I took his International Marketing course where he created an engaging learning environment through detailed case studies and presentations on current events. Dr. Myhr continues to truly value knowledge by disseminating information using social media to post self-published articles and relevant news about the global environment. He understands and supports the well-being of all his students by giving personalized attention and meaningful feedback. Through his Internet Marketing course, I learned the fundamentals of building my own personal brand which is something he practices so well for himself. As an alumni, I continue to follow his active social media presence and learn from the information he shares with the online world. His wonderful sense of humor only adds to his charming personality. I highly recommend Dr. Myhr to anyone as he is an excellent communicator, influencer and mentor."
- Loren Lee Diaz, Spring 2011 student, Chapman University

"By far one of the best professors I've had at Chapman. He's funny and made this class fun. He also taught internet marketing (MKTG 405) and both classes have been so great."
- Anonymous Spring 2011 student, Chapman University

"I took Dr. Niklas Myhr's Internet Marketing course at Chapman University for Interterm in January of 2010.

"As a professor, Dr. Myhr was one of the best I had during my time at Chapman. He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and able to present it in a way that was very understandable and interesting to a college student. His class was one of the main reasons I became interested in pursuing Online Marketing as a career. Now, almost 3 years later I've had 2 jobs related to this industry and still credit his class as one of the main factors in determining my career path.  I would highly recommend his classes to any student and any University would benefit from his expertise as a teacher and mentor."
- Christopher Warren, January Interterm 2010 student, Chapman University

"This was a great class. I didn't really know anything about internet marketing prior to this interterm class. Myhr brought in some amazing guest speakers. He really is knowledgeable about how to leverage marketing on-line. I actually got an internship out of this class too. He is an interesting teacher, who really wants to help his students."
- Anonymous January Interterm 2010 student, Chapman University

"pretty much the best prof. EVER! this was my favorite class and I am planning on having him next semester too!!"
- Anonymous Fall 2009 student, Chapman University

"Myhr is the man"
- Anonymous Spring 2009 student, Chapman University

"I truly loved this class. Granted I am biased because I'm doing my emphasis in Marketing but Professor Myhr makes the class very interesting. He is always refering topics covered in class to real life situations. The exams are hard but if you study your notes and your book you will be fine. I recomend this Professor to any business major!"
- Anonymous Fall 2006 student, Chapman University

"Niklas Myhr was my International Marketing professor at Chapman University. Professor Myhr's class was one of the most influential and informative classes I took at Chapman. His lessons really resonated with me and I find myself still applying things I learned in his class today.
He is a joy to be around and makes class very engaging and interesting. He knows how to captivate his students and how to transmit information in a fun and interesting way. I especially enjoyed his personal stories he shared, which gave a lot of life to the lessons. I wish I could take his class again to refresh my knowledge on Marketing. He is approachable, personable, professional, and charismatic. He is a wonderful teacher with great energy and enthusiasm who is always available to help you and wants you to succeed. I feel very fortunate to have had Professor Myhr. Thank you so much!"
- Diana Sepulveda, former student, Chapman University